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The future in music promotion is now. Focus on the music, and we will do the rest. Submit your music to quality Record Labels, Spotify Playlists and more for free.

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What is unpause?

unpause was created in an effort to completely renovate the music sharing process and help raise the industry standards.

Artists have access to a large list of blogs, playlists and record labels to submit a song to, and Curators now have a place to listen and review music with ease.

All of this, without the need to compose a single email.

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Why use unpause?

Every Artist knows the difficulty of searching up and writing hundreds of emails every time they release a new song. With unpause, this obstacle is completely removed.

For Curators, finding new music has never been easier, each music submission used to be a chore - but now is only a pleasant pastime. No more cleaning up inboxes, no more delays.

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Who uses unpause?

unpause is what aspiring producers, artists and bands seeking to promote their music need. It is the perfect tool for managers, promoters and publicists who constantly forward music, and the home of curators, channels and record labels receiving an extensive amount of submissions every day.

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Who said that music pitching should be difficult?
Submit music to your favorite curators through unpause within mere minutes, and you are guaranteed to receive an answer within a few hours
Why wait for an email reply that might never come?

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How it works

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Submit a song by easily importing your music from Soundcloud and Youtube, or by uploading your MP3

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Select Curators

Pick your favorite Blogs, Youtube Channels, Spotify Playlists or Record Labels accepting demos, out of a list of the most respected outlets of the industry.

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Receive your answer within hours and promote your music like never before

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Your Time is Valuable

Don't waste it by waiting for an answer to a submission that might never come. Achieve real results with guaranteed responses in under 3 days.

Tailored to your personal needs

Offering plans for independent artists on a budget, as well as options for individuals and groups pursuing exceptional results.

Quick and Easy

Selecting and sending music to record labels or channels can be done in a matter of a couple of clicks. You will never have to search for an a&r contact email ever again.

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Free Forever

Don't want to spend your budget? You can always submit music to blogs and record labels for free, to curators that accept Free Submissions. Premium submissions for your music promotion will always be available for when you need the extra features.

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Always receive an Answer

Curators will at all times reply within few hours. Your music pitching will either be accepted and shared, or you will be given detailed feedback towards what you could improve on.

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