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With unpause, you can now receive submissions in a refreshing and tidy way. Gain a revenue by reviewing music and clean up your inbox while you do it.

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Why You Should Join

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Clean Your Inbox

unpause helps you completely renovate your submission process and eliminate the need to receive emails. Your inbox gets cleaned and you become free to use your email only for business inquiries.

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Quick and Accessible

In unpause, every information is right in front of you. Song links, details, artists, genres and more, are all listed - no more back and forth emailing that take ages. What is more, reviewing a submission takes less than a minute, unlike when you used to reply to emails - when it would take hours or days to clean your inbox.

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Receive a Salary

Replying to email submissions was always a tedious work, and you would rarely find good music. With unpause, you are sure to find good quality music you enjoy, and when you don't, you will still get compensated for rating and giving feedback to the senders that use premium plans, getting paid for doing something you love.

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How does it work?

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Receive constant Submissions

With unpause you are going to be receiving multiple submissions non stop depending on the amount of Genres you cover and the quality of your channel or record label.

Everything will be done through the platform, and you will never need to reply to a single email ever again in order to find new music to share.

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Listen and Review

Depending on the plan of each submission, you will need to listen to the song for a few seconds, then choose to either decline or accept it. If you decide that this song does not fit your likings, you will need to give the user some feedback and a rating on the song. If you do like it, then you get to contact the user and help them get the most out of your channel or record label, creating valuable contacts.

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Gain Revenue and Share Music

After you have declined or shared the song, the submission is done, and you will gain 50% of its cost (whether you declined or accepted it), depending on what plan the user that sent it to you used. Some Plans cost more to the user, and you will have to add some more words into your feedback or listen to the song for a bit longer. Of course, this means that you will earn more out of each submission. Sometimes, accepting a song can double your revenue, depending on the Submission Plan.

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