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Default Song Cover



A blend of "cirque de soleil" and dark pop

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Liar (feat. xenny) Song Cover
Liar (feat. xenny)

byampir3 andxenny


It's a Chill, Synthwave song mixed K-Pop influences made together with the Korean singer and songwriter xenny. I hope to bring something new and refreshing to your channel. Kinds regards ampir3

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Please, Listen Close Song Cover
Please, Listen Close

byCameron Sanderson


It was Valentine's Day & I'd just finished watching 'Sex Education'. Feeling emotionally inspired by this, Katy Perry & other teenage dreams... I uploaded a snippet of what I was working on that day. It hit 1,000 likes ver...

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Як быццам сон (Like a dream) Song Cover
Як быццам сон (Like a dream)

byAndrei Senkevich

Indie Rock

The new single tells of another world that exists in parallel to the one in which we live now and here. A world of unaccepted decisions and unspeakable words, unfinished actions and unreached roads, a world of people we have not met or had time to lo...

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Anything Song Cover


Hip Hop

The first release from Kogarasumaru.

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Windless Place Song Cover
Windless Place

byTempo Bay



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Hostile Song Cover



Hostile represents the divergence between my usual style and that of EP, a melodic and melancholic intro recalling my original style which transits on a chaotic atmosphere as one entered a new universe devastated and merciless. This track is ideal fo...

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Shatter Song Cover


Hip Hop

A weird / funny beat made from a sample of Pierce Hawthorne saying "I'll shatter your world."

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Omhawa Song Cover



Now presenting a first-ever tribal house track from 3DHA. This track is jam-packed with hard kicks and a tribal feel that gets you immersed in the culture! Enjoy!! LISTEN TO OMHAWA! (CLICK BUY!) Follow 3DHA! Soundcloud: @3dhamusic Instagram: ...

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Sinking Song Cover

byBronze Whale andCharlie Crown


To follow up the success on their last release the guys now pair up with Charlie Crown, to create a gritty yet upbeat track that is sure to get stuck in your head from the first spin. With energizing effects, resonate horns, and a bouncy synth drop t...


Latest Submissions


Donny submitted Default

Ishitv Gupta submitted Silsila

Ishitv Gupta submitted Silsila psytrance edit

LOY CARVALHO DE CASTRO submitted Tangaroa (Original Mix)

LOY CARVALHO DE CASTRO submitted Tangaroa (Original Mix)

Nikson Silwal submitted nikson & J.FLA - Easy Things

Cristian Avigni submitted Meet Tonight

Ved Cruz submitted Ved Cruz x Kyle Zeman - Still Breathing

Maulik Mamgain submitted Vastuni

Cameron Sanderson submitted Please, Listen Close

Maulik Mamgain submitted Vastuni

Vishnu submitted All the Stops

Amsakan submitted Liar (feat. xenny)

Cameron Sanderson submitted Please, Listen Close

Andrei Senkevich submitted Як быццам сон (Like a dream)

Kogarasumaru submitted Anything

Bazilik Label submitted Windless Place

Antho Cornelius submitted Hostile

Ani M submitted My House

BangerSound submitted Shatter

Evgeniy Sidorov submitted Feel The Energy

Calvin Morrison submitted Omhawa

Bronze Whale submitted Sinking

Cris Bachmann submitted Live Life in Pleasure

Abouzar Mohammadi submitted Never Forget (Original Mix)

Dima Beeroy submitted Ocean Breeze

phuture collective submitted aaaaa

vibedigitalUSA submitted Sludgeware

EL X submitted Decline

Jorge Macedo submitted Lifting as Hidden (Original Mix)

Moroni submitted Sequence

Donny submitted In The Night

NYXON submitted Lost horizon

Ash Kunelius submitted Grace (Original Mix)

Guisseppe submitted Sense

Marios submitted Another Day

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