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Upload your Song

Sharing your song with unpause is as easy as clicking a couple of buttons. You can either upload your own MP3, or import your track from Soundcloud or Youtube.

Then the only thing you have to do is input your song's details, like the Title, Artists and the Genre, and you're set to go.

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Choose your favorite Curators

Submitting to Record Labels and Playlists with unpause is as easy as it gets. You can filter what kind of curators you need (Record Labels, Youtube Channels, Soundcloud Accounts, Spotify Playlists etc), and then just select the ones you like the most. Effortlessly.

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Receive a quick Response

When you send a song with unpause, the curators will need to reply within 3 Days of the day you submitted it. They will also have to listen to it for some seconds (20, or 30, or 90 - depending on your plan and options), before giving a response.

Furthermore, if they decide to decline it, they must rate the song (1 to 5 stars) and add a description of why they chose to go with said rating, and some feedback. The feedback may vary from 20 to 30 or even more words, depending on your plan and options.*

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Solving the industry problems

Making your experience of submitting music easier, faster and much more effective.

No more Email Gathering

Finding addresses and composing multiple emails in order to submit your music to Curators used to be a tedious work. With unpause, it only takes a couple seconds.

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Make sure they Listen

Most of the time Curators do not respond to emails due to the high amount they get, delaying the song release for weeks. By using unpause it is guaranteed that they will listen and reply to your submissions within 3 days.

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Choose your Plans

unpause provides a variety of free and premium plans you can use for your submissions. Upgraded plans provide features like more feedback words or more minimum listen time from your curator, and much more.

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What Sets Us Apart

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Constant Monitoring and Feedback

The unpause staff constantly evaluates and reviews every single curator on board, providing you with valuable ratings and a full essay on each one of them. With daily quality reviews and multiple stats you are guaranteed to find the best there is.

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Excellent Flexibility

unpause provides both feature-rich inexpensive plans for users on a budget, as well as top-notch options bearing advanced elements and greater acceptance rates, for the users that want to utilize them. Free options will always be available as well.

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A Revolutionary Stage

unpause brings the leading platform where music artists, record labels, channels and enthusiasts can communicate and cooperate with ease. This active community of industry front-runners sets top artists apart from the rest.

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