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High Stakes Song Cover
High Stakes

byChasing Embers

Alternative Rock

High Stakes is a song, written under the influence of all that emotions, which the band's members go through in the daily routine. The only thing that makes us happy - is the fact that we found ourselves in music, and that we are on our way to t...

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Drown With Me (Remix) Song Cover
Drown With Me (Remix)

byChasing Embers


From time to time, everyone go through tough moments in their life, when you feel like giving up, when life seems to have no meaning at all. And people often can not ask anybody for help and support, because it's much easier to just start hating...

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Spiritual Song Cover

byChasing Embers


We have had a period of time, when we as a band started to believe that we could achieve something with music, and stopped to consider it as an unreachable dream. During that period, a lot of changes happened in our minds. We had that feeling, that w...